The Holocaust

Time and the Holocaust

Guy Nathan Mitrani 


In the history of human kind, the Holocaust is the incredible and indescrible moment . It is an historical moment and if we consider the main acpect of its unfolding, it could be only a historical moment. 

As for any moment, there is a beginning and an end. If we well know the beginning, the end is marked by the death of the last survivor. However, it is possible to underline as it should be a living memory.

What happens to a historical act, when it is only a time event. The living memory will be followed by historical memory. The duty of memory, will substitute symbolic memories to living ones through various celebrations.

The work of the UNESCO artist for peace, Alain Husson-Dumoutier is precisely placed at the historical junction. The last interviewed survivors of the Holocaust have proclaimed a strong belief in mankind, in spite of the mental and physical sufferings, in spite of the horrible facts. It appears that these horrible moments were estimated as irreal. The survivors consider these moments as dreams or moreover as nightmares, when they awake or when they come back to life. They don’t hope to forgive, they just hope to survive. 

The opportunity and the support are obvious when we appropriate in symbolthe work of Alain Husson-Dumoutier. It is more evident, in a universal manner thanks to UNESCO, when we create a permanent memory site dedicated to belief in mankind and beyond to the last survivors of the Holocaust.